Friday 24 August 2012

The summer can't be over yet!

I'm sorry, loyal readers, about my lack of posts recently. I have spent the summer supervising pig decomposition projects, planning my wedding, watching the Olympics and having a short summer holiday with my man. Now, back at home, I am trying to eek out the last dregs of the summer, by preparing to attend a conference in (shucks) Portugal. It is the Emerging Security Technologies 2012 conference, and I will be giving a presentation in the Biometrics workshop about familiar face recongition (co-authored by C. Frowd and H. York). In the study, we asked volunteers to see if they could recognise the scanned faces of their friends - it gives us insight in exactly how we recognise familiar people, and strays quite a lot into psychology, which makes it extra exciting for me! Anyway, enough talking about it..I'd better get on with writing the presentation!