About me

I have had a bit of a nomadic life, living in Tanzania and Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) during my childhood and adolescence. I went to Oxford University to study Archaeology and Anthropology, and since have specialised in Forensic Anthropology through a MSc and PhD and lots of casework. I am currently Professor of Forensic Science at the University of Central Lancashire. I live in Lancashire with my husband and our dog Toby.

I am passionate about public engagement in science, and have had experience of communicating science through different media, including TV, radio, online and in print.

Like most forensic anthropologists, I am pretty passionate about my work - it is more of a calling than a job. I hope that, through this blog, I can share with you some of the reasons why I find forensic anthropology so fascinating, rewarding and cool. This blog is about me, and my job, and the things that make me tick. It is for professionals, students and interested lay people. I hope there will be something for everyone!

In my spare time, I enjoy baking, collecting vintage crockery and reading and writing crime fiction. My husband and I love living in the country, and regularly go for walks in Lancashire and the Lake District.
We also love dogs, and were heartbroken when our dog Lucky died a few years ago. This is a photo of him on the day I rescued him. We recently welcomed Tobermory to our family, here he is on the day we got him. 



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