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As well as appearances on TV and radio, I have been featured in several magazines and newspapers, and have written articles for a few online and print media outlets.

Written by me

Forensic science
Williams, A. Hundreds of genes seen sparking to life two days after death. New Scientist, 21st June 2016
Williams, A. Coming to a field near you? The ‘body farms’ where human remains decompose in the name of science. The Conversation, 13th November 2015.
Williams, A. Why scientists can’t explain why death smells like deathThe Independent 27th September 2015
Williams, A. The smell of death: its chemical pattern could become a powerful forensic tool. The Conversation, 25th September 2015 

Williams, A. Your death microbiome could catch your killer New Scientist
Williams, A. Third Michael Brown autopsy unlike to solve mystery New Scientist
Williams, A. Origins of Egyptian mummies pushed back 2000 years New Scientist

General science
Williams, A. Moving home? Your microbes will make the trip too New Scientist
Williams, A. Winning photos reveal fairy-tale worlds on Earth New Scientist
Williams, A. Rainbow slinky offers a way into Schrodinger's box New Scientist
Williams, A. How to stop toxic blooms clogging up Lake Erie New Scientist
Williams, A. Terracotta Army's vibrant make-up was made of ox glue New Scientist
Williams, A. Pacific dead zone has been shrinking for a century New Scientist
Williams, A. Cold potatoes could counter health effects of red meat New Scientist
Williams, A. Otherworldy view of a giant Californian wildfire New Scientist
Williams, A. 60 seconds: Hair-raising New Scientist
Williams, A. 60 seconds: Chilled superfly New Scientist

Written about my research
Pilkington, M. Huddersfield - The wonderful women who makethe town tick. Yorkshire Life 25th April 2019
Brunetti, N. Fluorescent lights to help police divers find human remains. The Telegraph 23rd March 2019.
Burn, C. Meet the scientist in talks to start a British 'Body Farm'. Yorkshire Post 10th August 2017
Keating, F. Human 'body farm' for decomposing corpses could be set up for the first time in the UK. The Independent 6th August 2017
McKie, R. Call for 'Body Farm' in UK to help police solve murder cases. The Observer 6th August 2017
Thadeausz, F. Was der Duft des Todes verrät. Der Spiegel 2nd January 2017
Thompson, T. Body of Evidence. Police Professional 8th June 2016
Evans, M. Body parts left over from operations should be used to help train police dogs. The Telegraph 3rd February 2016
Peachey, P. Body Farms: British researchers looking for site to set up laboratory for dead human remains. The Independent 27th November 2015
Apparently, the smell of death is surprisingly pleasant in early stages of body decomposition. Irish Examiner 7th September 2015
McRae, F. Smell of Death is the same as freshly cut grass. Daily Mail 7th September 2015
Forensics research to make cadaver dogs more efficient. Eurasia Review 24th August 2014
Huddersfield University researcher Lorna assists police with victim recovery dog's detection of body parts. Huddersfield Examiner 23rd August 2014
Huddersfield University decomposition expert Dr Anna Williams wins journalism placement Huddersfield Examiner 7th July 2014
Knowles, R. Smell of death reveals cadaver's secrets Chemistry World, 25th June 2014
Forensic Anthropology, the 'sexy' new subject for Huddersfield University students Huddersfield Examiner 1st May 2014
Brunetti, N. Decomposing body research: the benefits for policing Police Oracle, 13th January 2014
Brunetti, N. Body decay research could improve police dog training Police Oracle 10th January 2014
Clinton, J. We need human body farms, says real-life Dr Bones and forensic expert Anna Williams. Sunday Express 22nd September 2013.
Dabrowski, R. Excavation at Haslar Reveals Horror of Life in Nelson’s Navy. Portsmouth News. 29th May 2008
Spinney, L. The CSI death dogs: Sniffing out the truth behind the crime-scene canines. The Independent, 27th May 2008


Irish, L. Parkes, G. and Williams, A. (2014) CSI: Canine Scene Investigators? CSEye, July 2014 [password required]

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