Tuesday 20 September 2022

What is that bone?

So, posts are like buses - nothing for over two years, and then two turn up on the same day!

I wanted to tell you about a course we have running at the Lancashire Forensic Science Academy

This half term, on 26th October 2022, we are running our famous 'What is that bone?' course. It is aimed at young people (from 12 years up), and is a fun and interactive workshop about animal and human skeletons. If you have ever been out walking and found a bone or two, and thought to yourself, 'What is that bone?', then this is the course for you! It will help you to distinguish between animal and human bone, and to identify some of the most common British animals that you might encounter when out walking. You'll also get to hear about how the ability to determine whether a bone is human or animal can help forensic investigations, and hear about real cases where this has been done by forensic anthropologists. All this, with a chance to learn from real-life experts, gain hands-on experience, and lunch and refreshments are included! In addition, it all takes place in our exclusive facility on the Lancashire Constabulary Head Quarters site just outside Preston. You can book your place here. Please let me know if you have any questions about it. 

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