Friday 9 March 2012

Mass Fatality Incidents

This week, I have been teaching on the Mass Fatality Incidents module at Cranfield. This is my favourite module, as the concepts raised in the module tend to stimulate a lot of debate amongst the students or delegates, and challenge their preconceived ideas. The course introduces students to the standard Interpol forms for Disaster Victim Identification, and gives them practical experience of collecting ante-mortem and post-mortem data, but it also opens their eyes to the humanitarian side of disaster management, and dealing with the living - survivors or bereaved relatives and friends. The module is truely holistic in its approach, which is rare in courses for forensic practitioners. I was delighted to receive feedback from the students declaring that it has made them want to become DVI practitioners in the future, and that they want to study disaster management in more depth now. If you are interested, you can find out more about the course on the Cranfield webpages. You may also be interested in joining the Institute for Civil Protection and Emergency Management, and attending their conference in April.
Many thanks to the students and delegates for a tiring, but really rewarding week!

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