Friday 2 March 2012

Secrets of Everything

Last year, I was lucky enough to be asked to contribute to a BBC3 programme called 'Ask A Stupid Question'. In it, TV presenter and general science junkie Greg Foot was attempting to answer weird and wonderful science questions sent in by viewers. For example, he did some experiments to answer 'what do humans taste of?' or 'if everyone in the world jumped at the same time, what would happen?' and other such corkers. I helped him answer the question 'how long would it take my body to decompose?', with the help of a friendly pig and the Forensic Fieldwork Facility. it is going to be on TV. It is a series of six (I believe) episodes, retitled 'Secrets of Everything', and the first episode will be broadcast this Sunday, the 4th March at 20.00 on BBC3. I'm not sure which episode will actually feature me and the pig, so I guess you'd better watch them all! Also, I'm afraid it clashes with Top Gear, but you've got to get your priorities right...


  1. Dr. Williams,

    Hi, I just watched the episode! Coincidentally, I'm an MSc Forensic Medical Science student and we just had our Forensic Entomology and Changes after death lectures so it was really good for me to put what we learnt into images!

    1. Hi Colz,
      Glad to be of service! It was a very short clip, so you'd have to go back and slow it down to see all the stages clearly. Pity it wasn't smello-vision! If you have any questions about decomposition, you know where I am!