Monday 20 June 2011

IAS Withdrawals!

It is 09.40 on Monday morning, and I am suffering from IAS withdrawal symptoms. The site is currently facing some technical difficulties and is temporarily down. I was supposed to have an online chat with students this morning, but I guess that it has been cancelled. I can't believe how genuinely disappointed I am! I have been finding the interaction with 13-18 year olds amazingly rewarding, and a constant challenge. They have asked me some great questions, like "what's your most disgusting case?" and "how can you separate people when their bones are all jumbled together?", or "how far do you believe in evolution?" which have made me examine all aspects of my job, my competence in explaining it, and my scientific preconceptions. The camaraderie with the other scientists has been lovely too, although I think the students are hoping for some asked "who would win in a fight, Sue or Anna?"! My answer was obvious.

If you fancy whiling away a few hours, go to the IAS website and check out the questions, and the answers - you might learn something! :)

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