Friday 24 June 2011


I cannot believe it! The science communication gods must have been smiling, because I WON the Forensic zone in I'm A Scientist! Here's the proof:

I am so chuffed! I have LOVED every second of taking part, and have 'met' and chatted to some amazing scientists (Sue Carney, Richard Case and Craig McKenzie) and some brilliant kids. The students have wowed me with their sometimes insightful, and sometimes a bit left-field questions.

I think my victory is simply down to what I'd call 'the gore factor' - I could trump the others with tales of disgusting bodies and maggots. That is all it was, I'm sure. The other scientists were amazing participants, and taught me a lot!

The prize is £500 to spend on a science communication project. I have already promised the students I've been chatting to (and especially the kids at Saltash Community School) that I will start a decomposition workshop for teenagers on my Forensic Fieldwork Facility. This is going to be no mean feat, but I'm really looking foward to it!

Thank you so much to all the students that voted for me! I am really touched.

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