Friday 17 June 2011

Popped my blogging cherry!

Hello! This is my first ever blog, and I'm a bit nervous.
I have started this blog as a way of showing the world (maybe that's a little ambitious - there are probably only two of you reading this) what I get up to as a Forensic Anthropologist.

I am always asked about my job in hushed, expectant tones at parties and social gatherings, as though the subject is shrouded in a glamorous and exciting but somehow forbidden or macabre mystery. I have realised that there are quite a lot of misconceptions about the discipline of forensic anthropology out there, that require de-bunking. There are also a lot of interested people, who, it seems to me, are always gagging to know more. And if I had a pound for everytime someone told me "Oh, I would have loved to be a forensic scientist!", I would be a very rich woman indeed. So, here it answer to all the open mouths and furtive questions I've received from lay people, from excited school kids (see next post), and from students. Enjoy!

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