Friday 17 June 2011

I'm A Scientist

I am currently taking part in the Wellcome Trust funded initiative I'm a Scientist, Get Me Out Of Here!

It is an award-winning science outreach engagement activity, to allow children and young adults (aged 13-18) to talk to real-life scientists online. For the scientists, it's an X Factor-style competition, where students are the judges. Scientists and students talk online on this website, and the students ask questions about the scientists' work. For the students, it is a chance to learn about all different aspects of science, that scientists are real people too, and about themselves. The students get to vote for their favourite scientist in each zone, and the winner will win £500 towards a science communication project. Both students and scientists break down barriers, have fun and learn.

I am absolutely loving being a scientist on IAS! I am amazed at the range of questions asked, and the perceptiveness of many of the students. They are eager, excited, and enthusiastic to learn, and have made me think about my motivations for doing forensic anthropology, my ability to cope with its challenges, and the preconceived notions I have of science, and myself! It is thoroughly eye-opening!

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