Thursday 23 June 2011

Night vision antics

This is one of the first night vision images from my new motion sensitive camera. It is currently trained on the latest porcine 'inhabitants' of my Forensic Fieldwork Facility. 

The dark blobs are the mesh tunnels under which the pigs are lying. We have used these to hinder the access to the carcasses by insects, but not stop it completely, as to do so would mean that all decomposition would be intrinsic (not what we want for this experiment). The mesh tunnels have also served to hide the carcasses from birds, as we have not been bothered by them at all. The larger contraption has been cleverly rigged out of an old dog crate (would you believe my dog is too big for the crate now), and has the timelapse camera on it. It houses a medium sized pig, undergoing as natural decomposition processes as we could allow (and still be DEFRA compliant).

Although I don't have many days of footage (the camera took a photo every time the wind moved a leaf - d'oh!), we can safely say that we haven't been troubled by scavengers at all, which is exactly what we wanted! Of course, the camera will come in very useful if we want to examine scavenger activity in future! And to see if anyone is trespassing!

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